Steve McGrenan








Sky Serpent (Euthoran)

Planet of Origin



Cult of Ustream


Eon Energy, Eno-Aeroimpery

Mentally Link to

Pricilla Starkey





Shockwing (also known as Steve McGrenan while in human form) is a member of the Cult of Ustream, serving under and primarily interacting with Starr.


Shockwing in his natural form is a midnight blue serpent with a lighter shade of Prussian-blue backplates and horns. In his human form, his hair takes up a very pale shade of blonde with icy blue eyes. His maximum human height is 5' 11", however he wears a white labcoat, khaki pants and high boots that make him look taller and more mature.


When the times aren't stressful, Shockwing can be quite a social and bubbly guy. His personality around everyone is initially polite, playful, and very cute. However, Shockwing (like his master, Starr) tends to change his way of appearance with different people- More or so known as "sensing the mood." Other than that, when the times are very stressful and dire, Shockwing's personality 'hardens' in a sense.


Fighting StyleEdit

Shockwing's fighting style is simply a long-range and speedy attacks.


  • Eon Energy: Like those of his kind, Shockwing has the ability to manipulate Eon Energy and use this fast, time-space energy to conduct various attacks both known and not to the cult.
  • Eno-Aeroimpery: A rare ability among the sky serpents is this one; the ability to extract wind Mana from open gales and air in general. Shockwing can extract this Mana and even concentrate the energy to create solid fragments of Mana. This ability is quite common among the Avian-Zhenn clans (I.E: Sky Serpents, Royale Serpents, Angelics, Inoperables, Chirrienska)


  • Serpent Speed: As we all know, Serpents posses one of the greatest speedy strikes known to man. To Shockwing, however, he does not lack that part of him. His 'slim-jim' body can move quite rapidly.


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Strengths and ImmunitiesEdit

When around other serpents of his kind, Shockwing finds himself much more daring and willing to battle. Plus, his link with Starr usually keeps his overall morale up.

Weaknesses and FearsEdit

Sadly, Shockwing is hopelessly weak to extremely cold temperatures.


Shockwing is generally kind and friendly to anyone he meets. Almost to the point that it's quite a backfire to him. However, Shockwing tends to butt heads with Lord X-Giga-X and his nerd entourage as well as Vera. The reason as to this happening is usually due to them starting scuffles with him first.



  • "Well I would've let you die, but surprise surprise! You're important, good for you, you fucking blue kid!!"
  • "Starr's my best friend and the best teacher ever...there isn't anything more I ever want in a female."


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