A Stone of Advancing is one of fifty scale-like stones hidden in a temple in Glixis Chasm. It allows a dragon to advance to a higher level of potential.


A Stone of Advancing is about the average size of a dragon scale, although they are sometimes shrunken down for Lord X-Giga-X's usage. It's completely gold in color before usage. Upon usage, a white silhouette of a dragon appears on a random spot on the stone, usually of the advanced form of the dragon it has been used on.


Lord X-Giga-X and Grodisflare retrieved the Stones of Advancing from the temple within Glixis Chasm. They have yet to discover how they were created or why they were hidden within the temple.

Current PossessorsEdit

Lord X-Giga-X had taken 20 of the 50 Stones of Advancing from the Glixis Chasm Temple. Since then...

The other 30 Stones of Advancing remain in the temple in Glixis Chasm.


Advanced FormationEdit

Initial UsageEdit

Once a Stone of Advancing has been obtained, the phrase "Advanced Formation" will flash on said stone for several seconds after a given time has passed (usually somewhere between several seconds and a month). Once this phrase has been uttered, a surge of energy is emitted from the stone, which will target the dragon closest to it. The dragon hit by the surge of energy will enter a state of evolution and increased speed, strength, and defense known as the "Advanced Form".

Usage AfterEdit

Uttering the phrase again will cause the surge of energy to seek out the dragon the stone was first used on. Thinking of the phrase with intention of using the stone will activate the stone as well.

Other NotesEdit

The dragon will remain in Advanced form for one hour before reverting back to normal form. The dragon will then revert back to normal form and enter a state of exhaustion, the length of which depends on the stamina of said dragon.

Other InformationEdit

-One Stone of Advancing will only function on the dragon it was initially used on. -Stones of Advancing require a 3-hour period to recharge after use.